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Delivery Service for Heavy or Over-Sized Items

Did you recently purchase a heavy piano or safe? Is your vehicle too small to transport your new furniture purchases? To complement our moving service, 101 Transit also offers local deliveries for over-size or heavy items. Hire one of our dependable and reasonably-priced delivery trucks to have your goods delivered right to your door.

Flat-Pack Assembly and Installation 

For some people, the very thought of putting together a new piece of furniture can induce anxiety. There’s a massive mixed bag of parts and the instructions aren’t always clear. Don’t worry! We are here to help. A big percentage of our repeat business is made up of clients needing delivery, assembly and installation of flat-pack furniture from retailers like IKEA.

Call 101 Transit today for the assembly of over-sized flat-pack furniture or for local delivery of heavy items. We make customer care our top priority.

Friendly, Stress-Free Moving

At 101 Transit, we don’t just provide a moving service, we provide a moving experience.

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